METLAB offers its know-how regarding measurements to all craft categories, specifically for installers and maintainers of electrical, water and air conditioning systems certified FGAS, offering, in addition to calibration, support for the correct choice and management of measuring instruments.

FGAS - Air-conditioning

The EC 1516/2007 community standard establishes, pursuant to European regulation 842/2006, the standard leakage checking requirements for stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. The same rule requires companies to verify electronic gas detection devices, commonly called "leak detectors", every 12 months to assess the proper functioning and maintenance of gas detection sensitivity to at least 5 grams per year. The outcome of the leakage check, any repair and routine maintenance of facilities, are not only entrusted to the leak detector and the expertise and experience of the personnel involved, but also to a number of auxiliary reliable and trusted diagnostic tools.

Specifically, METLAB offers verification of leak detection equipment sensitivity according to UNI EN 14624:2012 standard – "Performance of mobile leakage detectors and of control devices for halogenated refrigerants environments". The Laboratory makes also calibration of pressure gauges, manometers, thermometers, scales for refrigerant, multimeters and current clamps.

Electric plant engineering

The installer of electrical systems, be they civil or industrial, nowadays is facing increasingly difficult challenges: from the complexity of the systems, to the choice of suitable materials, the guarantee of conformity of equipment with current standards, through to ongoing updates to address evolving technologies (just think of "home automation"). The "electrician's" work (now a reductive term) continues with plant maintenance that has to be carried out in compliance with evolving international, European and Italian standards. METLAB gives the plant engineer support for the calibration of metrological multimeters, current clamps, grounding and insulation meters and equipment for measuring of the intervention time of circuit breakers.

Heating and plumbing

The comfort of a heating system in a house, in an office or in an industrial setting is by now an acquired right. But often we forget that with good and constant maintenance, results increase significantly allowing fuel savings and we forget that our planet needs to be respected and mandatorily requires minimising emissions as far as possible. The modern plumber must observe very strict rules both during the installation process (performance requirements and gaseous emissions from the boilers are becoming increasingly restrictive, and rightly so) and during routine maintenance. What until recently prevailed in the work of the plumber was the "manual/operational" part while today the measurement and certification part prevails. METLAB is alongside plumbers to support measurements and calibration of instrumentation such as flue gas analysers, differential pressure gauges, multimeters and more.


SEITRON is a manufacturer of temperature control, gas detection systems for household and industrial use and equipment for combustion gas analysis. SEITRON's history is composed of milestones, the result of careful strategic choices that have made a stable success: from the creation of the first transformer-free and low-cost thermostat, to the chrono-thermostat via radio, the combustion analyser with self-calibrating cells. METLAB has teamed up with SEITRON in order to offer its customers the calibration, routine and extraordinary maintenance service. Thanks to technical staff trained directly by the same SEITRON, high level reference samples and procedures developed in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, METLAB guarantees the traceability of the calibration results to the International Measurement System (SI) and the conformity of the documents issued to the rules applicable in the field of metrology and gaseous emissions analysis.

SEITRON Industrial

It is known that since their inception, industries, whatever their nature, represent a major source of pollution in terms of atmospheric emissions of combustion gases. In recent decades there has been a race in reducing emissions up to the present day where industrial enterprises are prompted to use more advanced techniques to contain fumes and constant monitoring thereof.

SEITRON manufactures industrial combustion analysers that are a concentrate of technologies and advanced management systems and enable industries to always have the system performance and emission trends data at hand. METLAB represents a valid support to the choice, maintenance and periodic calibration of these analysers.

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