METLAB is at the service of agri-food companies, through the calibration of measuring instruments used in the production, transformation, distribution and storage of food processes.


The essential and growing attention to safety and healthiness of food combined with environmental and economic sustainability, imposes on small and medium-sized companies in the agri-food sector to operate in conditions of high and continuous technological innovation. Our Laboratory can be a valuable support for all matters relating to measurements of various sizes and monitoring of critical parameters of production cycles.

Thanks to the professionalism of its technicians and to the absolute accuracy of samples, METLAB can be of help to farmers in the verification of weighing systems used for internal controls. Moreover, even in the field of Legal Metrology, our company can provide support for the verification of weighing systems used in commercial transactions, due to its collaboration with Laboratories Accredited by the Chamber of Commerce for such measurements.


In the processing of food products or in their physical transformation, the agricultural product undergoes mechanical, physical, chemical and biochemical manipulations that alter the appearance, physical state, texture, structure, and nutritional and organoleptic properties. The standards for quality assurance and food safety, whether they are intended to mankind and animals, impose on companies the application of stringent product processing procedures and many controls of that process. METLAB offers calibration of measuring instruments used "in line" or for quality controls and, with the support of the VITAE BIOTECH NETWORK, offers the consulting service to companies that intend introducing new production facilities or want to upgrade existing ones, as regards measurement and security aspects.
The Laboratory is also operating in the world of research by offering its metrology expertise to test and analyses Laboratories or to companies wishing to study and apply innovative processes.


Any food subjected to transformation processes over time aimed at preserving its nutritional and sensorial characteristics can be considered preserved. According to this definition the majority of foods fall in that condition; also fresh foods, in fact, have suffered at least one preservative treatment.
Preservation methods can be divided into physical, chemical and biological, depending on the principle used to block the action of enzymes and microorganisms. Whichever method chosen, the resulting processes must comply with national and international standards and undergo strict controls.

METLAB offers testing of essential performance of refrigerators, freezers and storage systems and transportation of goods in accordance with the prescriptions laid down by the HACCP protocols.

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