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The Laboratory's technical staff is highly qualified and constantly updated on new technologies and reference standards for metrology, enabling the company to face increasingly challenging, innovative and competitive markets.


The METLAB Srl metrological Laboratory was founded in 2007 from the natural evolution of the firm Grion Fabrizio, internalising the multi-year experience gained in the technical assistance and verification of equipment supplied to the repair workshops. In 2008, METLAB became a TÜV Italy Qualified Laboratory for the calibration of measuring devices supplied to the support networks of the most prestigious automobile manufacturers. Thanks to the collaboration with important industrial realities in the area, the Laboratory also established itself in the industrial world as a valuable partner for metrological support. The development of the company continued extending in the biomedical world with the creation of the related division and the establishment of the network of companies VITAE BIOTECH NETWORK, whose leader is METLAB. In this field, the Laboratory offers electrical safety check services and maintenance of the essential requirements of the medical devices and calibration services of measuring and monitoring devices of Research Laboratories. 

In January 2019, the medical division of METLAB was founded, called MET-LIFE S.r.l. It aims to spread the culture of cardio-protection in order to promote knowledge of the nature of cardiac arrest, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and the use of defibrillators, as the most effective way to deal promptly with this sudden event. 
From June 2019 METLAB S.r.l. is Accredited Temperature Calibration Laboratory: LAT Center n. 280 in the measuring range from - 40 °C to 1100 °C.


The Laboratory has four metrology rooms, where equipment and samples are used related to national and international standards certified by Bodies recognised in the EA (European co-operation for Accreditation).
METLAB also has a mobile laboratory that allows it to perform calibrations at the customer premises. Correct execution of calibration is guaranteed by technical instructions developed in compliance with key national, European and international standards and from the operational experience gained by testing engineers. The activities are documented with the issue of the calibration report detailing the instrument checked, the samples and technical instructions used, the measurement results and the uncertainties calculated according to the guideline EA-4/02. In order to further facilitate the customer, the laboratory offers calibration schedule management and collection and delivery of the instruments at the customer headquarters.


To provide more efficient and innovative services and solutions and to meet specific customer needs, METLAB is always looking for partnerships with market leader manufacturers and distributors in their field of expertise of measuring devices or apparatuses.
For system installers, METLAB has instead set up an agreement for the support and calibration of devices for climatic thermoregulation with SEITRON, an enterprise from the Bassano area and leader in the production of environment thermostats, chrono-thermostats, combustion analysers. 

After the introduction of the biomedical division and the operational start-up of the VITAE BIOTECH NETWORK, the Laboratory established a collaborative relationship with STRYKER, a company that provides life-saving medical devices for use in extra-hospital environments. It is a leading company in the production of professional defibrillators and for lay use. METLAB is authorized distributor of semi-automatic defibrillators (AEDs) for the Workplaces & Community division. For information on the biomedical area, visit the dedicated website: www.met-life.it

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